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Dongyang city plastics Co., Ltd. Zhejiang was established in 1968, it has grown up to be a national second large-scale enterprise. 40 years of history also tells that we were the first enterprise to produce PET cups,with strong technology support, advanced equipments, our company is one of the biggest enterprises specialized in the production of PET cups and lids. Also, we enjoy high reputation in the production of PET sheets, calcium-plasticized corrugated cartons, PP boards, together with other plastic products.
Our company has imported many advanced equipments and technologies from the US and Switzerland, namely, production line for five-layer co-extrusion PET sheets, production line for thermoforming plastic products, and  six-color UV curing plastic cup printer, etc.
Our products mainly include:
PET beverage cup series.Highly transparent, eco-friendly, smell-less, and beautiful in appearance. Our products, which can be used as water cup, beer cup, cold coffee cup, sample display cup, ice-cream cup, cold juice cup, etc., are all in accordance with requirements of food containers. We can make six-color printed PET beverage cup of all sizes and models. In 2000, all the colored PET cups used in Sydney Olympic Games were supplied by our company. Also, we are one of the suppliers for the 29th Olympic Games held in Beijing.
PET lid series.Matching with the cups are dome and flat lids, which are transparent and durable. In the middle of lid, a hole or x-slot can be made for the use of straw. 
APET, A/G, G/A/G sheets series. Highly transparent, non-bacterial, smell-less, eco-friendly, and in accordance with the technical requirements on food packaging. Well suited for the packaging of medicine, food, electronics, hardwares, medical equipment as thermoforming and folding sheet material. Good adhesive property.
PE calcium-plasticized corrugated carton series. Our products have won many honors such as “High Quality Product of Zhejiang Province and Ministry of Light”, etc. We have a complete range of articles with various sizes, which are now widely used in the outer packaging of pesticides, chemicals, hardwares, electronics, food, etc..
   PP& PVC plastic board series. This series of our products once won the honor of “High Quality of Zhejiang Province”. They can be used to make chemical resistant equipments in chemical industry, environment protection industry, medicine industry, and electroplating industry, etc..
From beginning to end, we insist on the principle of providing customers with first-class quality, technology and service to meet the need of customers of all circles. Customers, whether in China or abroad, old or new, are warmly welcome to negotiate business cooperation issues with us.

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